Below you will find three itineraries sure to fit your needs and interests. The activities range from the relaxing to the exhilarating. Feel free to contact us for more info on any of the activities listed below.


Focuses on Relaxation & Healing
  • Giggling Springs: Privately owned natural hot spring pools along the Jemez river, available by the hour or with a day pass. Gift Shop also available.
  • Jemez Springs Bath House: Village owned and operated spa facilities providing natural mineral hot springs with indoor soaking tubs, wraps and massage.
  • Cañon del Rio Retreat and Spa: Six adobe style rooms, outdoor swimming pool, indoor spa facilities, and massage services. Located on the Jemez river. Breakfast is included. Phone or online booking available.
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Focuses on Nature & Hiking
  • Valles Caldera: An ancient crater of a super-volcano that is now a national woldlife preserve. It’s relatively untouched natural beauty and abundant wildlife make the caldera a fun place for hiking, hunting, fishing and taking in the landscape.
  • Sightseeing Opportunities: Jemez Mountain Trail scenic byway, Fenton Lake State Park, Shiprock, and Soda Dam.
  • Camping: There are many camping spots in the area that offer parking, restrooms, drinking water stations and camp tables. A few sites include the Vista Linda Campground, Jemez Falls Campgrounds, and San Antonio Campground.
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Focuses on History of Jemez Springs
  • Jemez Historic Site: One of the most beautiful pre-historic and historic sites in the southwest. The site includes stone ruins of a 500 year-old Native American village and the San José de los Jemez church, which dates to around 1621.
  • Bandelier National Monument: Over 33,000 acres of beautiful canyon land containing evidence of a human presence going back over 11,000 years. Points of interest include petroglyphs, dwellings carved into the stone of the cliffs, and still-standing ancient masonry walls built by the Ancestral Pueblo people.
  • Puye Cliff Dwellings: Located north of Jemez Springs near Espenola, NM, the Puye Cliff dwellings are another site to explore the lives and creations of the some 1,500 Pueblo Indians who loved there from the 900s ti 1580 A.D. The Cliff dwellings comprise of two levels of cliff and cave dwellings cut into the cliff stone. Paths and stairs are cut into the rock connecting the mile long lower level to the top. It is the largest of all settlements in the Pajarito Plateau.
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