Day One

  1. Early morning fishing along the Jemez River or head to Fenton Lake State Park, just 18 miles north of Jemez Springs
  2. Return to Jemez Springs via Hwy. 4, stop at Battleship Rock, hike to McCauley hot springs for soak
  3. Soda Dam photo opportunity and hike
  4. Return to Jemez Springs for lunch
  5. Walk 1.5 mile trail at Jemez Historic Site
  6. Enjoy dinner at Highway 4 Cafe or Los Ojos

Day Two

  1. Red Rock Canyon guided hike (Walatowa Visitor Center on Jemez Pueblo, advance registration required)
  2. Take Hwy 285 to Gilman Tunnels for photo op
  3. Picnic at Spanish Queen day use picnic area, try fishing along the Jemez River
  4. Head north on Hwy 4 past Jemez Springs, left on Forest Road 134 to Jemez Falls
  5. Return to Jemez Springs for outdoor soak under the stars at Jemez Hot Springs

Day Three

Head 18 miles north on Hwy. 4 to Valles Caldera for horseback ride, scenic hike or mountain bike